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17 Februari, 2010

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...mood melayang...

gambar yang nampak sesuai dengan mood aku...

Ever since I realised that what was shining wasn't the mirror and it wasn't the sun – it was you
There's been one more love story – the moon smiling way above the tearful clouds

My wounded dreams are on the other side of yesterday

Let my love song ring out into the sky

Memory, I'll never, ever forget this sky, even if we're apart

There'll never again be a season when I meet someone I love so much
Believing is everything, love so sweet

I hold out my hand to the sky so I can always see it from there

And memories of being with you spread out

May our two winding roads

Merge together here and become a rainbow
Memory, I've been chasing this dream all this time, even if we go far away
No matter how tough the night, even if I'm about to give up on my promise

This love I can't tell you about

Becomes flowers that rain down on the town
No matter where I am, I feel you here

*petikan lagu love so sweet-arashi*

p/s takde keje...

6 virus attack:

NICK IRFAN berkata...

best jgk lirik ni nnt nk download la lagu dia.... thnkz!

zAzZa berkata... ni translation je lagu korea..huhu~

Ries berkata...

tu ker raksasa russia? haha...

zAzZa berkata... komen..huhu~

nimn berkata...

loh.ak xfollow ko agy upenyew.hehe..
ooo..igt kn gmba sesaje y ats uh..

zAzZa berkata...

nimn: sshhh....diam2 sudah...hehe~